Why not take a trip to Punta Cana?

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Why not take a trip to Punta Cana?

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You would almost forget that Punta Cana is one of my areas too. Although I spend 80 percent of the time in the Greater Toronto Area selling houses for clients and finding dream homes for them, my heart is also in Punta Cana, especially now that the Canadian Winter is approaching. You can also feel the sunrays in the Caribbean during wintertime by investing in your Caribbean dream home! There are some beautiful projects that my team and I would love to show you while you are relaxing in the sun. To get you into that island vibe I dedicate this blog to two of my favourite projects that you can be a part of.
I have already mentioned it in some of my blogs. Investing in the Caribbean is the new Swiss Bank Account. Return on Investment is up to 12%. This is a great reward while you are living your Caribbean dreamlife. Don’t get me wrong though. I am not telling you to give up your life in Canada. You can simply profit from the benefits of having a home overseas where you can spend some of your time and rent it out when you are not there. Moving there permanently is actually not a bad idea either.

Ocean Bay

When you think of living on a Tropical Island you often imagine remote beaches where the coconuts are up for grabs to drink from. Well, I can tell you that living in Ocean Bay will give you that feeling. Alright, there are no coconuts falling from the palm trees -that is dangerous- but the beach is stunning. This luxurious condo pre-construction project embodies the Caribbean dream. The stunning 1, 2- and 3-bedroom beachfront condos are meant to give you all the things for to live a happy life in the sunshine. Amenities include swimming pools, restaurant, gym, private parking, and more.

Playa Coral

Just like Ocean Bay, Playa Coral is what living your Caribbean dream is all about. At Playa Coral it feels like you are living on a resort. These 74 stunning beachfront condos are located on their own strip on the beach. The 1, 2- and 3-bedroom condos are your perfect home under the Dominican sun. You have the luxuries of a boutique hotel and the intimacy of a private home. In addition to this, this project also has some amazing amenities. Relax in the infinity pool with a sea view where you see the palm trees softly wave to the Caribbean Ocean breeze and enjoy the private beach lounge and restaurant. You can move into Playa Coral, since this project is already turnkey!
This is a just a snippet of what these amazing projects are all about. You really need to see them up close.
Take a trip down to Punta Cana where my team and I will show you these wonderful projects and introduce you to what living in the Caribbean is all about.
Start living your Caribbean dream now and get in touch with me today!
Nick Caccavella

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