Step into the world of Juan Luis Guerra at Bachata Rosa in Punta Cana


Step into the world of Juan Luis Guerra at Bachata Rosa in Punta Cana

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Sometimes you walk into a place and you are just blown away by the interior. Every single detail is just right. From the music, to the lighting, to the chairs, everything blends together as a great song. That is the feeling that I get when I walk into Bachata Rosa in Punta Cana. Not only does this restaurant has amazing food it is also owned by my favorite Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra. You cannot visit Punta Cana and skip this place. It is a spot that will trigger all your senses in a positive way. Come, and let me take you on tour through Bachata Rosa in this blog!  

“Ay, ay ay ay, amor, Eres la rosa que me da calor, Eres el sueño de mi soledad, Un letargo de azul, Un eclipse de mar.”  
When you hear these soothing words in Juan Luis Guerra’s song Bachata Rosa you just get the vision of being in a place where you just dance the night a way to Bachata music with or without a loved one. It doesn’t matter because the live band will keep you on the dance floor anyways. You don’t have a worry in the world. That is the vibe you get in Bachata Rosa in Punta Cana. This Restaurant is a collaboration between famous Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra and the SBG Group. The latter is a well known restaurant group in the Dominican Republic that also have restaurants in Casa de Campo and Santo Domingo.

In 2017 they decided to switch things up. By teaming up with the legendary singer Juan Luis Guerra they stepped out of their comfort zone and created Bachata Rosa, which opened its doors in the beginning of 2018. Since the moment it opened, Bachata Rosa has been a hotspot in town. 


The soul of Juan Luis Guerra in Bachata Rosa

If you love Juan Luis Guerra like I do, you know that he is more than a singer. He is a producer, singer, composer, songwriter and all-around musician. His videos that accompany some of his songs are very creative, colorful and have political message at times. Bachata Rosa captures the soul of all of this.  

The 5 human senses

The idea behind the restaurant was to stimulate the 5 humans senses. Taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell.  

The moment you taste the Classic Rock Shrimp tempura, or the Josper Grilled ‘Medio Pollo’ with smoked Pancetta and black pepper, or the slow roasted lamb Ossobucco, your taste buds will be craving for more! This is just a sneak peak of the menu, since there is so much to choose from. A funny detail of the menu is that each section is named after a Juan Luis Guerra song. Frio Frio, Me Sube La Bilirubina, Visa Para un Sueno are some of them.  

The senses touch and sight are all also about Juan Luis Guerra in Bachata Rosa.  
There are two entrances to the restaurant. Before you even reach the entrance you are literally on a small road that consist of piano keys. You pass balconies with clothes, garage doors, and artwork that resembles Juan Luis Guerra’s songs. To enter the restaurant you literally go through a bus -from his hit La Guagua- that honks. As you pass through the bus you step into a space that resembles a patio with brick walls, balconies, wooden doors, trees and lantern posts, that are higlighted in pink reddish lighting. You can eat in this space, but is also transformed for live music. The other space of the restaurant is more formal with a huge bar with a bottle display that reaches almost up to ceiling, tables that are mis-en-placed immaculately and walls that have the soft pink with white stripes in Bachata Rosa style.  

“I’ll go back to black’. Your hearing senses are not only stimulated by the tunes of Juan Luis Guerra, Amy Whinehouse can also be heard as well as loungy house. I prefer to hear Juan Luis Guerra!  
Naturally, the smell is in the smell of the food and believe me it is good!  

Join me!

After reading this, I know you want to experience Bachata Rosa yourself. What are you waiting for? Come to Punta Cana and enjoy this restaurant with me and my team.  

As a bonus I will also show you some of the most amazing condominiums so you can think about living your Caribbean Dream too! 

Nick Caccavella  

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