Is it safe to invest in property in Punta Cana?


Is it safe to invest in property in Punta Cana?

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Is it safe to invest in property in Punta Cana? This is the question that is on people’s minds who are thinking about buying a home in one of the most popular places in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, their Caribbean dream is currently interrupted by the negativity in the media about the island. So, is it still safe to invest in Punta Cana? Continue reading to find out.
Of course the stories that have been getting into the news lately cannot be denied. Vacationers drinking from the mini bar in their room and supposedly getting sick and others are suffering from heart attacks at resorts. At this moment there is still no clarity on what exactly happened, but the government of the Dominican Republic says that these people died of natural causes. Nevertheless the headlines in the media install a fear of travelling to Punta Cana and the rest of the Dominican Republic. Although the media states otherwise, the facts about safety in the Dominican Republic cannot be ignored.

Is Punta Cana dangerous?

The Dominican Republic is listed on number 73 on the list of most dangerous countries in the world. Backpacking through Thailand, and other places in South America, or even doing a road trip through the United States is more dangerous than relaxing in a resort or at an Air BNB in Punta Cana.  
This is not a dismissal of the events that occurred. It is just a comparison to the violence in other parts of the world.  

Is it safe to invest in Punta Cana

So, is it safe to invest in Punta Cana? Yes!
After all the things that happened, safety measures in Punta Cana are tightened. In no way the government wants more bad publicity for the island.
In addition to this buying a property as an investment is something that will benefit you in the long run. The new traveller is adventurous. So if you want to have a home in Punta Cana, and rent it out to tourists part time, it  is a great opportunity, since travellers are staying outside of the resorts more and more. If you are thinking about buying a dream home to retire in the Caribbean there are great opportunities to obtain a Dominican residency because of your investment in the country.
The Dominican Republic is still the highest growing economy in the Caribbean. It is also politically stable. Strong support to the tourism industry including 15 - year tax exemption to companies engaged in the tourist developments.
Punta Cana has a good infrastructure. The airport is easily reachable and has direct flights to other parts in the Caribbean, Canada, The United States, and Europe.

Live your Caribbean dream in Punta Cana

Wake up in the morning to a beautiful beach view, while you feel and see the breeze softly swinging the palm tree leaves from side to side. You listen to the chirping of the hummingbird while you drink your coffee on your terrace. This is the Caribbean dream you can experience in Punta Cana and I am here to help you obtain that dream.
Contact me or one of my associates to make your Caribbean dream in Punta Cana a reality!

Nick Caccavella
* Source: Institute for Economics and peace