Come to Momma at Mamma Luisa in Punta Cana Village!


Come to Momma at Mamma Luisa in Punta Cana Village!

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If you are Italian-Canadian like me you must recall the times you visited your family in Italy where the flavours of the food seemed more intense and the surroundings looked like they came out of a Bertolli commercial. The memory of my proud nonna cooking for the whole family still warms my heart. Only the chosen ones were allowed to enter the kitchen to assist her. The rest could only dream of the secret ingredients she was using in the food. Luckily my mom was one of the chosen ones. She inherited my nonna’s cooking skills. For long I thought no one could even come close to making Italian food like these two women, but when I walked into Mamma Luisa in Punta Cana Village it was as though I was back at my nonna’s house. 

A little village in Punta Cana 

Punta Cana Village is one of those places where the name makes you think you will be walking into a small place where the church bell rings each hour, and cows occasionally cause a stir in town because they walk over the main square. Hate to bust your bubble, but Punta Cana Village is nothing like that. Instead, colourful houses in pink, blue, and yellow hues, form a vibrant view in this little center of Punta Cana. Each house has their own business in it. Yoga studio, clothing boutiques, interior decorating stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and more occupy these bright spaces in the village. One of those is Mamma Luisa. 

Come to Mamma 

When I heard that there was a real Italian Trattoria in Punta Cana, I just had to see and taste it for myself. Don’t get me wrong I love a lot of Italian restaurants in Punta Cana, like Bonny, and Dolce Italia, but this Trattoria sparked my curiosity as well. I soon discovered Mamma Luisa is a household name in Punta Cana. The trattoria is run by Mrs. Luisa Patrovita who came from the North of Italy to Punta Cana in the late 90s. It was her friend Frank Rainieri who asked her to come to the Dominican Republic, because he was looking for a reliable person to manage the restaurant La Yola in Punta Cana. Luisa was up for the challenge and she took La Yola to another level. It still is one of the best restaurants in the area up to this day.

When Luisa’s daughter Rossanna arrived in Punta Cana from Italy, the idea to open a restaurant called Mamma Luisa was born. The name came from the nickname Luisa obtained while managing La Yola. In 2004 Mamma Luisa opened its doors. 


Rosanna and son Joaquin help Luisa in running the restaurant, but in my eyes Mamma Luisa is the true star of the establishment. She is 100% dedicated to her business, and you can feel and see this the moment you step foot in the Trattoria. 
Mamma Luisa is always the first one to welcome you with open arms. You get a bienvenido or a benvenuto. The big orange house cat may also give you a little bump with his head as a welcome. 
This place takes you back to Italy! From the dramatic canzone Napoletana music playing on the background to the amazing tasting food. Yes, you are back at your mamma’s or nonna’s house. 

The polenta with porcini mushroom sauce is absolutely a winner, but her lasagna how cliche this might sound is a tenner as well! And not to mention the homemade tiramisu. Okay, I can go on and on about this amazing place, that is why I invite you to experience this wonderful restaurant for yourself. 

Contact my team and I and we will give you a wonderful tour through Punta Cana, and we will also introduce you to some great investment opportunities along the way! 

Nick Caccavella