An Italian and Uruguayan mix at Isabella Steak & Bistro!


An Italian and Uruguayan mix at Isabella Steak & Bistro!

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In case you are wondering, I am not aspiring to be the next big lifestyle blogger or vlogger about Punta Cana. On the contrary. I just want to show you how diverse this sunny town is. You will know why investing in Real Estate in Punta Cana is such a great idea. There are so many nice places to relax, have a drink, or have a nice dinner. One of those spots is Isabella Steak & Bistro. A Uruguayan, Dominican, Italian gem close to the International Airport. In this blog I will explain to you why I fell in love with this place the moment I stepped in. 

Okay, it is not a secret that I love to eat when I am in Punta Cana. Well, actually I also love to dine and wine in Vaughan and Toronto, but in Punta Cana it is different. Especially in wintertime, when I feel that eating in a tropical environment is such a treat! And a treat it was when I stepped into Isabella Steak & Bistro. A great place I stumbled upon in The Blue Mall. This is the same mall where Bachata Rosa is located. Instead of heading towards the establishments I usually go to, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take a look inside.

Warm welcome

“Hello, how are you?!” Owner Anneliese greeted me like I was an old friend. I immediately felt at home. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something flickering. I turned around to discover it was a wooden block that was on fire with meat being roasted above it. I quickly found out that this is a Uruguayan style of roasting meat in a brick Kiln. Anneliese explained that she and her  husband Gabriel are the owners of Isabella Steak and Bistro. 


Mix of cultures

Anneliese was born in Santo Domingo to an Italian mother and a Dominican father. She fell in love with Uruguayan Gabriel when they worked together in a restaurant in Santo Domingo almost 8 years ago. Their love for good food and each other led them to open their own restaurant in Santo Domingo. Living in Santo Domingo was good, but they longed for a less busy environment to raise their firstborn, Isabella. That is why they decided to move to Punta Cana to continue their foodie dreams and open Isabella Steak and Bistro in 2017. 

There were some big  changes in the lives of Gabriel and Anneliese. They had two more kids since the time that they opened Isabella, but that did not stop them from keeping the same motivation and welcoming spirit they embody when you walk into the restaurant. 



I love the open kitchen concept. It means you have nothing to hide in my opinion. When you walk into Isabella the first thing you see is the kitchen, where Chef Gabriel leads the team with finesse. Anneliese who handles the management is the super host that makes you feel welcome when you come in. The restaurant has a modern industrial feel. Especially the part that looks like a covered greenhouse. They even organize salsa, merengue and bachata nights  there, where people can eat and dance. Talking about the best of both worlds! 

The best Churrasco

But of course the most important thing at Isabella is the food! From gnocchi to Porcino Risotto, to Baby Back Ribs. All very tasty, but the Churrasco is a 10 at Isabella. That Uruguayan Brick Kiln does wonders. The meat is juicy and flavorful. You just want more and more. Combined some good homemade yuca fries, and a salad it is the best thing ever! 
I would describe Isabella Steak & Bistro as a place where you can take your kids to, to eat pancakes in the morning, since they have great breakfast choices. A place to have a business lunch, and to snuggle up with your partner for dinner. 

You are invited!

Yes, Isabella Steak & Bistro in Punta Cana has it all. Don’t hesitate to contact me so I can introduce you to this place. Naturally it will be a lot of fun and good food, but I will entertain you with some great investment opportunities in Punta Cana too! 

Nick Caccavella 

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Pictures: Isabella Steak & Bistro