Commuting from Barrie to Toronto is easier than ever


Commuting from Barrie to Toronto is easier than ever

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Some people come to a point in their lives where they want to escape the busy city life. They are contemplating about moving from the Greater Toronto Area to the Barrie area. Kids have come along and moving into a larger more affordable dream home becomes a necessity. Others just want to be surrounded by more nature and tranquillity. This dream is often put on the back burner, because of fear for the commute to work from Barrie to Toronto every day. I totally understand, but did you know that commuting from Barrie to Toronto is getting easier and easier?
Commuting to work can be exhausting when you are caught in a traffic jam and you know you are running late for that international conference call at your office in Toronto. This could be holding you back from buying a home in the Barrie area.  This area has beautiful green spaces, cultural festival and events, a low crime rate, good hospitals, and schools. Don’t forget Friday Harbour resort in Innisfil where you can experience resort living on Lake Simcoe.
Only the commute from Barrie to Toronto has got you concerned.  No need for concerns, because there are different options to get from the Barrie area to the Greater Toronto Area.

Different ways of commuting from Barrie to Toronto

You can always go by car on the Highway 400. I know this highway gets pretty busy during peak hours. Luckily there are plans to widen the road into 10 lanes which will make your trip to work a lot faster and smoother. As a matter of fact, the province is starting construction on a new interchange that will improve traffic flow and accommodate the plans of the widening the highway in 10 lanes.  
Can’t wait for these plans? Then there also other great options to get you from point A to B.

GO Transit

GO Transit trains and buses run from Barrie to Toronto daily. The trains and buses take you directly to Toronto. Travelling times could be around an hour and a half depending on where you need to be in the Greater Toronto Area. This travelling time is the same within Toronto at peak hours! So,
sit back and enjoy the commute to work by train or by bus. Take a nap, prepare for your meetings or simply grab that book that you always wanted to read.

Uber as public transit

What about Innisfil in the Barrie area? Well, this lovely town has a Go transit station too, but it even gets better. The council of Innisfil made a deal with UBER to use them as public transport in the town.
When commuting from Barrie to Toronto with public transport is a no for you and you really want to go by car, than take up that language course or play an audio book and remember that 10 lanes will be built in the future and the interchange is coming to make it easier.

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