Buying a heritage home in Ontario


Buying a heritage home in Ontario

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The house that looks a little different from the other buildings that are around. It has a different structure, other kind of windows, maybe even ornaments on the inside and outside. It is the home that everyone knows. In some cases this is a heritage home. These homes are registered in the Municipal register of the town. Thinking about buying a heritage home in Ontario? Let me inform you about differences in status of heritage homes in Ontario and what is allowed and what is not.
A heritage home comes with a history. A floor where people in the 19th century might have walked on, or windows that have stained glass with designs, or big heavy wooden doors, are all features that a heritage home might have. Sometimes when you walk into one of those properties you can feel the soul of the house. At times the rooms are more spacious and the walls are higher, giving you that sentiment of past times.

Municipal Register

There are different statuses that the heritage home of your dreams can have.
It could be that the home is registered in the Municipal Register of Heritage Properties, but it is not designated by law.
In this case when you own the home you can alter it however you want. You only have to give the municipal council a written notice when you want to demolish the property. This notice should be sent at least 60 days in beforehand.
When the home is designated by law you are not allowed to alter the property in a way that would affect the heritage features. If you want to a change something you must get a permit to alter the home. You must submit the changes you want to do in a plan. Usually this is the case when you want to alter the outside of the property, or if you want to for example change the ceilings that have ornaments on them. In most cases the inside of the house can be changed without a problem. You can choose to make the original characteristics stand out and combine them with your own  interior decorating style. Old meets new!

Part of history

Owning a heritage home means that you are part of a piece of history. Your property has been there for many years, which makes it extra special.
If you want more information about buying a heritage home in Ontario do not hesitate to contact me. As a matter fact I will be putting a beautiful heritage property in Innisfil on the market!
Nick Caccavella 

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